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used farm equipment -There are tons of places to find used farm equipment in Canada. But where are the best places to look for farm equipment? In this post I am going to go through some of the best places to find farm equipment.


Kijiji is most people’s go to site to find their used farm equipment. It is one of the easiest places to find equipment.

Advantages of using kijiji

One of the really nice things about going through Kijiji is being able to deal with the person directly. This can work to you benefit because you can haggle the person down. The other possibility, if you know the person, you can do an exchange of services plus some money.

Disadvantages of using kijiji

Sometimes you find a piece of farming equipment that you want, but there isn’t a picture. This really annoys me when I am looking for equipment. You can email the person who put it up and see if they have any pictures,  but it isn’t always going to work out.

Another disadvantage is that sometimes the ads are sketchy. Because there are a bit sketchy, you need to do a bit of sifting to find those good deals.


AgDealer is another place that I found had many listings for farming equipment.  They have nice filters that can help you find what you are looking for easily.

Advantage of using AgDealer

One of the advantages of using this site for used farm equipment is the amount of filters you have available to you. It allows you to break it down in terms of what implement you are looking for.

Another nice feature about this site is that it gives you prices both in Canadian dollars and American dollars.

Most of the used farm equipment on AgDealer is directly from dealerships, which is nice because you are dealing with a legitimate business.

Furthermore, AgDealer has a magazine which it publishes for a few different areas in Canada. This is nice because for those people who prefer magazines over using the internet to find farm equipment.

AgDealer Is one of North America’s largest classified network for farm equipment. This is particularly nice because it has a large selection, so if you’re looking for a particular piece you may have a better chance using this website

Finally, AgDealer lets you search for both new and used farm equipment, so if you can’t find a used piece you might find a new one.

Disadvantage of using AgDealer

One thing that really bothered me as I was searching through the listings, was that many listings do not have pictures. Pictures are important part of judging whether something is worth looking into or not.

One of the disadvantages of using this website, is dealing with dealerships. Some people prefer working with people directly over working with dealerships. In many cases, it is more difficult to lower the price, or to do an exchange of  services.

One thing that I found about this website, was the fact that there was a bit of latency between your search and the results. There were times when I was trying to scroll but the site wasn’t responsive.

Tractor House ( or in Canada)

Tractor House is a very powerful site because it is powered by a couple other sites. This allows it to give a large number of ads to help you get the piece of farm equipment you need.

Advantages of using Tractor House

This site has a lot of very helpful filters. One particular filter that I thought was good was the horse power filter, so if you looking for a specific tractor for a specific job it helps to narrow it down.

It has the power of a few different sites so it has many listings to help you find what you are looking for.

Disadvantage of using Tractor House

Because we are using it in Canada, you have to sift through many of the American listings to find what you are looking for. This is very annoying depending on how you narrow down your search to begin with.

Sometimes this site seems to hang up. Nothing is more frustrating than having a site slow down or break when you are using it. This wasn’t always the case, just some times.

Final thoughts

There are many sites on the Internet to search for used farm equipment they are not all created equal, and the each have her own advantage and disadvantage. An honourable mention goes out to IronSearch.

When buying used farm equipment, it really boils down to who you are dealing with. If you feel comfortable dealing with that person/company, the chances of you buying are much greater. That is one of the reasons why I tend to buy more things from Amazon over unknown sites.


What other used farm equipment sites do you use? and why?





  1. A couple of additional places to find a used farm equipment:

    Bryan’s Farm based in Puslinch, Ontario

    Ritchie Brothes

    Thank you Paul Smith from Northern Equipment and @Fields_of_Weeds on twitter.

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